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18th Century Barn 

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Our clients had dreamed about living here for many years before getting a rare chance to buy this 18th century barn in 2018.  Having been converted for occasional use in the early noughties, the building had thankfully retained an abundance of period features and character, but it desperately needed to be modernised and our clients had none of the time, appetite or experience required to manage this big project.  

So they approached us to take over the management of the whole barn renovation, with a brief that they wanted to be able to move in and enjoy it as soon as possible.  They kept their minds open to Bess's design proposals, which included fundamental changes to the spatial flow in the barn, removing doors and walls to create a better balance between public and private spaces.  Then, through a short series meetings on each room over the hot summer of 2018, they ticked off her design presentations one-by-one and saw their project come to life within a matter of months. 

The finished space is made for them to stretch out in luxury when they come home from their busy working lives.  With bespoke cabinetry throughout and enough space for their unusually large collection of shoes(!), this barn encourages relaxation, reading and reflection.  And they are more than delighted with their new-old home.

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