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Our stylish clients were struggling to make their home reflect their tastes and felt constrained by its 1970s architecture.  They knew some walls needed to come down but were struggling with how to use and extend the space.  They were also nervous about taking on a big house project.

A large sociable kitchen was top of their wishlist and they approached us for help with layout, design and electrical plans.  We helped them to look at their space differently and in line with their budget we were able to incorporate much of their existing furniture into the scheme, breathing new life into it through re-upholstery.  Their nerves about the build were quickly dispelled as we introduced our trusted network of trade contracts and with Bess at their side on site they even enjoyed the process!

Now their enlarged inside-outside space gives them plenty of reasons to entertain friends and family, and the whole family has told us how life feels much better in their beautiful home.

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