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The importance of a strong creative brief

Generated before our design process begins in earnest, our clients' creative brief is a carefully-considered and personal document that guides our work from the start to the finish of every project.

A Sturman & Co. creative brief ensures that our final designs will always deliver on a functional and aesthetic level for you. We take getting to know you very seriously - from your first contact with us, we note your stated priorities and preferences as we discuss the scope of your project. Then, once you commission us to design for you, we hold an initial briefing meeting where you will be introduced to everybody in the studio team.

Over a few hours, we delve into who you are, how you live, how you would like to live and what your aspirations are for the transformation of your home. We aim to understand what frustrates you about your home, as well as what you love. We assess the needs of those living in the property now, and discuss how those needs might change in the future. We consider your style preferences; is there a particular look that we must avoid, or perhaps something that you’ve seen and loved?

Although the primary benefit of a creative brief is gathering all key information in a single place, the process of doing so often results in a subtle perk: realising what you don’t know. We listen a lot, but will also question and gently challenge your assumptions. You may think you want a cinema in the basement, but will you actually venture down to make use of this investment or would the family usually gravitate to the living room? Later we'll use this information to give each room we design a clear purpose, which ensures that you, your family and friends will make most of all of the space, not just some of it. We also think about the practical implications of your hobbies - is it practical for your family to use the same entrance as your guests would use, or will you always choose the shortest, most convenient route?

Our creative briefs include a level of detail you might expect from a business established by an ex-lawyer. We believe their thoroughness sets us apart and on the right course to design your optimal home. What matters to us is that you and your family feel integral to our designs. It makes sense to achieve this by agreeing between us what you want, require and need, so we can refer back to the brief and realise those ambitions for the entire duration of your project and for many years beyond.


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