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Sturman & Co. Interior Design Studio is one of only a handful or British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) registered Interior Designers in Yorkshire. But what does this mean and why is this important?

In the UK, the use of the title ‘interior designer’ is not protected, unlike the title ‘architect’ which is subject to government regulation. This means that anyone can call themselves an interior designer.

However, all BIID Registered Interior Designers have been assessed based on their education, experience, skills and professional competence, prior to being accepted for registration. In addition, BIID Registered Interior Designers are required to hold professional indemnity (PI) insurance, adhere to the BIID Code of Conduct and to undertake a yearly programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

They are required to have a written contract with their clients to reflect the best interests of both parties. Not all interior designers have the same areas of expertise and it is important to appoint the most appropriate person or design practice for your project.

If you can afford it, find a good designer and work with them. Check that the chemistry is right and you will end up with a project that functions and looks far better than most people will ever manage without help. It’s hard to emphasise the value of the experience and vision that a quality professional can bring to your project. Visit to find a quality designer in your local area. Or if you like our work, feel free to contact us.


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