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Live Beautifully

"I design to make you feel alive and fulfilled at home -

to live beautifully. "


Our story

Since 2011, Sturman & Co. has become the go-to Yorkshire Interior Design Studio for original, elegant and individual interior designs.


Our award-winning modern English aesthetic is rooted in a clean, classical style and a sensitivity for colour inspired by the natural environment.


By carefully balancing our creativity with diligence and process, a Sturman & Co. Interior is a perpetual invitation to live beautifully and well.

Bess is passionate about putting our clients at the heart of their design experience.  She looks to deliver design that not only 'looks better' but actually helps you to 'live better'.


To achieve this Bess spends time getting to know you, how you live and what makes you tick.  Finding out where the kids kick off their muddy boots, who watches the most telly or how often you like to entertain allows Bess to create a home that works for you in ways you never imagined possible. Immersing herself in your world from the outset establishes a close, enjoyable and fun working relationship that continues from the start of your project, through to completion. 


Our ethos


The key to a successful outcome for your project lies in finding an interior designer that has the appropriate experience, competence and sympathy with your vision, combined with a rigorous set of working practices ready to fulfil a complex brief.

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