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At Sturman & Co. we believe that the way that a space functions for you, your family and friends is just as important as the way that it looks.


By carefully balancing our creativity with diligence and process, a Sturman & Co. Interior is a perpetual invitation to live beautifully and well.


Who we are 

I established Sturman & Co. in 2011 to offer a contemporary design service underpinned by the unique professional skills honed in my previous career as a lawyer.


The business has since grown, to become the go-to Yorkshire interior design practice for a modern, English aesthetic.

Our aesthetic

Subtlety, natural elegance and poise are at the heart of our aesthetic. 


We have become known for our artistry in creating architectural interior designs which interpret the available space to make it feel improbably generous.


Our alchemy with colour combined with the utmost care and attention to detail creates homes characterised by an alluring sense of warmth and familiarity. 

Grade II

Country Manor

Woodland Retreat

18th Century Barn

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