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London Design Week 2020

At Sturman & Co., we’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting designs that we can incorporate into our schemes.

Cancelled trains and sprinting across platforms wasn’t going to stop Molly and Claire making it to London Design Week 2020. They were on a mission to seek out new designers and suppliers to bring fresh aspects to our projects.

Arriving at the Design Centre they were greeted by an overwhelming amount of hand sanitiser and an even more overwhelming number of beautiful stalls and displays.

They discovered new fabric brands such as Knowles & Christou, Flora Soames plus amazing lighting from J Adams & Co.,  Haberdashery and Ilala Interiors.

Molly loved the clashing prints and patterns featured at Clarke and Clarke.

Claire was taken by Morris & Co. They have some beautiful paperwork that we are incorporating into our current schemes.    


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