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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Sturman & Co. usually work as part of a wider project team, including architects. One of the practices we have been working closely with for some time, MAS Designs, recently posted the following wording on their blog, which we feel is a great summary of the benefits that our clients feel when we work in close collaboration with architects. Take a look...

MAS Design Consultants are collaborating more and more with the fabulous Sturman & Co. Interior Design Studio, based in Ilkley. Sturman & Co. Interior Design Studio, established in 2011 by Bess Sturman, has become the go-to Yorkshire Interior Design Studio for original, beautiful and practical interior designs.

You might not be sure that your project even required an interior designer.

Let's assess:

You have decided that you want to add an extension to the back of your house. You have the space worked out in your head and can imagine it as a brand-new kitchen and open-plan living space, lovely bi-fold doors, pendant lights, you whipping up a cordon-bleu meal while the children finish their homework amicably at the breakfast bar – basically it’s the new heart to your perfect home.

But unless you are already an industry expert, any sort of building project requires a lot of planning and know-how. There are so many different elements to consider such as building materials, electrics, planning, plumbing, joinery, decoration and much, much more.

So you need help. But from whom?

An architect or architectural designer mainly focusses on a building’s shell – its planning, design and construction.  

An Interior designer focusses on creating memorable, positive experiences inside that shell, for the users of the space. 

The ideal scenario comes about when your architect and interior designer work closely together, from the outset.

So how does this process actually work? Let’s have a look at a recent case study.

Case Study: Large family home, Ilkley

Sturman & Co. came to us on behalf of a client who was looking to extend their home to create a large kitchen/ diner as well as an en-suite to the second floor of their home. By truly understanding the clients needs as a family, from where the kids kick off their muddy boots to the angle at which the sun shines on the garden and how that might affect the mood of the room, Sturman & Co. were able to provide us with a plan that meant that no stone had been left unturned. We then analysed the plans to make sure that there were no forseeable issues prior to producing our detailed drawings.

Working collaboratively meant that at each stage of the design process, we were considering the final outcome to ensure the best possible solution for the client.

A great example of this is the glass covering three walls of the extension. Without Sturman & Co. involved in the process, there may have been a concern around whether this would leave enough space for kitchen cabinets. Knowing the Sturman & Co. had a holistic view of the entire project meant that we could push our designs and have resulted in a beautiful transformation of this property.

“My husband and I had been going round in circles trying to decide on the best way to remodel our home to create a kitchen-diner. We were worried about making a decision that we might later regret. A friend recommended that I should speak to Bess and I immediately knew I’d made the right decision. Bess asked all the right questions and came up with ideas that we never would have thought of ourselves. By having a good idea of how we would live in the space both now and as our daughter grows up, we have been able to create a kitchen-diner that is not only beautiful, but works perfectly for the way we live . Bess worked closely with MAS Designs on our behalf to get the drawings in place, which was perfect as we both have busy jobs and little time. Bess has been there from start to finish on our project and are delighted with the final result”.

Mrs J - Client, Ilkley family Home

“I have worked with Mark for some years now and we have enjoyed working on some incredible projects together. The benefit of being able to closely collaborate right from the start has proved to be invaluable for delivering projects to the exceptionally high-standards that our clients expect. Through gaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients at the beginning of a project, and using this information to influence every step of the design process, we are able to get it right for our clients, first time, every time”.

Bess Sturman, Sturman & Co. Interior Design Studio

“As designing, constructing or renovating a building takes up a large chunk of a client’s budget, in many cases, interior designers are engaged into a project towards the end of the conceptual stage – much like an afterthought. The irony is that this can in fact make a project more expensive in the long run – and more often than not results in families living in an unfinished, undecorated property for months after the building work has finished”!

Mark Scatchard, MAS Designs


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